GT Rad

GT Rad

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Fast and Classy

Even the individuality of a Porsche can be boosted. In case you plan something like this then our new GT wheel will fit like a tailor made solution. The RH multi spoke optics connects speed and class with an integrated Porsche design tradition. After all - this wheel was specially developed for the sporty models coming from Zuffenhausen.

This high performance wheel comes in two sizes: 8,5x19" for the front and 11x19" for the rear axle. The finish can be Sterling Silver or Black Polished.

The inwards dished rear rim underlines the dynamic of the set even more. This wheel, due to its size and ABE certificate is a very good choice for the 991 model. Even during the colder time of the year.

The suitability of GT Rad with different cars is shown in the following PDF: 

GT Rad Suitability

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