RAU Vesuv

RAU Vesuv

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* Surface finish

* Rim size

* Pitch Circle Diameter

* Offset (ET)

* Center Bore (ML)


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RH split rims, both 2 and 3 piece, are an instant classic. Just look at the design! It’ll never get old or out of style. As an added bonus, the visuals of the rims can easily be customized, so with a little effort you can show off a new, different color every season.

There’s more functionality beyond the looks - if you happen to get some curb rash on the rims that a polishing machine can’t fix, you won’t need to buy a new set of rims! Just replace the part that’s broken. Aside from new rims RH-RIMS.COM also provides a complete line of afterservice offering spare parts, accesories and also professional advice if needed.
You can go on any specialist forum on the interwebs and find enthusiasts showing off their RH/Artec split rims from way back when. Even a decade old, RH 2 or 3 piece rims fetch a good price on the aftermarket. So it’s not just wheel therapy for your car but also a solid investment.

The suitability of RAU Vesuv with different cars is shown in the following PDF: 

RAU Vesuv Suitability

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