RS One

RS One

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A solid impression in a lightweight form. RS One is the first forged wheel from RH Alurad meant exclusively for supercars. RS One Forged is noble, elegant and very light weight. At the same time this wheel is very strong and firm. 

The manufacturing process of this wheel starts with a piece of aluminum that is heated up to 300 degrees centigrade and shaped under the pressure of 5000 tons. It stood in a furnace for 24 hours at 400 degrees only to be brutally quenched afterwards. 

The result: an extremely rigid piece that is highly resistant to surrounding forces and very light at the same time. 

Equally impressive is the finish - the wheel is turned, drilled, milled after which it's either coated in sterling silver or anodized in gold or black. The others call it Hightech, we call it RS One Forged. 

It is available in 5 hole PCD or Center Lock

The suitability of RS One with different cars is shown in the following PDF: 

RS One Suitability

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