WM Flowforming

WM Flowforming

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* Surface finish

* Rim size

* Pitch Circle Diameter

* Offset (ET)

* Center Bore (ML)


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The first Flow Forming wheel from RH. 

This marvelous multispoke wheel is characterized by athletic appearance and a whole lot of style. Hidden behind the good looks are the hours of engineering spent on perfecting every small detail of this rim. The spoke geometry is unique with its fine edges and refined gradations. The surface of the spokes is gradually narrowing outwards and extends all the way from the center to the lip of the rim. The Bicolor optical solution consisting of both black and polished spokes provides the wheel with a modern and athletic character. 

The suitability of WM Folwforming with different cars is shown in the following PDF: 

WM Flowforming Suitability

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