Payment and delivery

Payment options

After choosing the goods and confirming the order, you will be directed to the payment section of our web page. The payment options on RH-RIMS.COM are provided in collaboration with Maksekeskus AS, a secure and trusworthy partner who specializes in processing of online payments.

We offer the following ways of paying for your order: 

  • VISA/MASTERCARD - this is the most universal way for payments and has no regional restrictions.


  • Invoice payment - you can choose to pay for the goods by transferring the money directly to our bank account:

Receiver: Lagoon Global OÜ
Bank: Luminor Bank AS
Address: Liivalaia 45, 10145 Tallinn
IBAN: EE101700017003381023

The delivery time may be extend by the time it takes for payment to be confirmed by the bank, usually 1-2 workdays within EU. RH-RIMS will confirm if the payment and the delivery time via email. You will receive the original invoice copy along with the order from our customer support

  • Customers from FINLAND can pay via the following bank links: 


  • Customers from ESTONIA can pay via the following bank links:


  • Customers from LATVIA can pay via the following bank links: 


  • Customers from LITHUANIA can pay via the following bank links: 


If you are buying as a company, please see instructions here



The goods are shipped from our centrally located warehouse in Attendorn, Germany.
Delivery price will be shown with the delivery option on the order confirmation page.You can order delivery to your home, office, or to the specific address. Our delivery partner across Europe is DPD.

Delivery time: 5-10 working days in Northern and Eastern Europe. Delivery to other European countries will be notified via email.
The courier will be in touch with the client on the day of delivery.